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Finding our American, Polish, Canadian, Lithuanian, French, Irish, German and other European Ancestors

Frances Graczyk and Josef Jankowski

Great Grandparents of Debra Dorgan Zurek and Robert J Zurek


...to the efforts made since 2009 to enumerate and memorialize the thousands of people who make up the numerous nuclear families presented here. There have been discoveries made that have answered many questions of who we are, and who are ancestors were. Hopefully this story can be handed down, understood, and the people never forgotten!

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My thanks go out to my spouse, Margie Lawrence Zurek for her extreme patience with me over the years. I also thank my sister, Debra Zurek Dorgan, who single handedly got things started back in 1998.

Your host, Robert James Zurek.

Monica Gudelanis and Peter Judycki

Grandparents of Margie Lawrence Zurek